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    All Commercial Cages Include:

  • G.A.W. wire (galvanized after weld)
  • 1 leg or frame (order 2nd leg for end of a row)
  • Galvanized manure slides or urine deflectors
  • P.V.C. water lines with stainless steel nipple drinkers installed
  • Galvanized anti-waste feeders
  • Wire has steel plate borders to avoid scratches to the operator
  • Easy opening doors with secure latches
  • Maternity and buck cages include movable hutch card holders
  • All hardware & hog rings & J-clips for assembly
  • All are available as full sections (floor section) or 1/2 section (wall section)
  • Most are available as ceiling suspended units instead of floor mounted
  • Cages come unassembled to reduce freight costs
  • Pliers are available or pneumatic hog ringers for large orders

    Maternity Cages Include the Above Plus:

  • 50% Nests (plastic nest with 2 floors)
  • 50% Bulls-eyes (to lock out doe)
  • 50% Floors (to replace nest)

These are adequate for most barns, growers can order extra components to suit their needs.

Commercial cages are slightly too large for U.P.S. shipment. Must be shipped by truck.

    Accessories and Options:

  • Float tank & Bracket - for water, mount at the front of a row. Available in single, double or triple tanks.
  • Various options in floors and feeders

Send a small sketch with dimensions of your barn and cages required and we can advise and calculate price.

Zigolo - Flat Deck Fryer Cage Albatro - Double Deck Grower
Gabbiano - Triple Deck Fryer Cage Albanella 10 - Maternity Cage
Albanella 12 - Maternity Cage Airone - Buck Cage