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101 Reasons to Purchase
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  • Fryer or dry doe cages are available in single, double or triple deck.
  • These are convenient height, stair-step cages, top loaders with the highest model only 57" high.
  • Cage sections are 80" long with many options for individual cage width. (3 - 10 holes) A 5 hole section can accommodate 1 dry doe or 3 fryers to market size.
  • Cage doors are 80" and except for the top level, are conveniently spring-loaded to stay up when opened.
  • Feeders on the 2 and 3 deck are 80" long. They are held in place by a spring and are easily removed by tilting up and out for cleaning.
  • Feeder dividers on the cage front reduce feed scratching and keep rabbits out of the feeder.
  • Space saving decks can accommodate up to 90 fryers or 30 does in a space 80" long by 6" wide.